Artist Statement

 It starts with a tale, often inspired by folklore or myths, that inspires an eclectic mix of symbols. I’ve created my own glossary to an imaginary world. I love detail. Using free association and automatic drawing I blend images and ciphers with autobiography, creating fractured and looping narratives. 

Monsters, trees and humans appear in the work, recurring motifs exploring the multi-facetted self. Trees convey majestic calm, the power of time to remake the world. My work is a place for the viewer to reconnect with their idiosyncrasies. It’s playful and detailed, a visual confessional. The mood is a mix of melancholy and magic. In exploring the monster-hero-princess dynamic my practice comments on the conditions that drive both humans and (mythical) animals to the brink.

I’m inspired by 90s immersive installation art, alongside Old Masters like El Greco.  For me art is part of life, in the tradition of the icon paintings, where a thousand hands slowly wear away the Madonna’s feet. 



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  • Biography

    Charlie Kirkham (b. 1984, UK) is a British contemporary artist. Currently living in the West Midlands, UK, she mixes folklore, environmentalism and feminist themes in her drawings and 2D works. Their work reflects on species extinction, traditional gender roles and mysticism.


    Charlie Kirkham  was nominated for a Passion for Freedom (Visual Arts) award in 2024 and won a Visions of Science Award in 2018, working with the Milner Centre for Evolution and Edge Arts Bath (Bath University), her drawings have been exhibited in Seven House Gallery, New York, USA, Mall Galleries, London, YU Gallery, Wales and the RBSA Gallery, Birmingham.


    She has received funding from The Eaton Trust (2015) and STEAMhouse, Birmingham (2022, 2024).



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