SGFA Members Exhibition: Hull University Gallery

27 July - 19 August 2018


In 2015 Hull University created this beautiful new Gallery situated within the Brynmor Jones Library on Campus. The gallery has ‘Accredited Museum’ status and houses its own impressive art collection which was originally inaugurated in 1963. Now, more than five decades later, it boasts a collection which is ten times its original size and includes works by Pissarro, Sickert, Steer, Spencer, Nash, Nicholson, John, Vanessa Bell and more. The gallery flows into this newly created exhibition space which has been created for special exhibitions, and we are delighted to say that dates have been agreed and arrangements are now under way to present a prestige SGFA Exhibition this summer, which will also signal the coming of our Centenary activities next February.

            We are the first National Art Society to be invited to exhibit in Hull, which during the 2017 Hull Year of Culture became well established as a destination not to be missed, and regularly holds important exhibitions which are beautifully curated and promoted. The official Hull year of culture extends well beyond the official twelve month period and has received an enormous boost as a result, so this is a timely opportunity for us, and one not to be missed.

            Working closely with the Director of the Gallery who stipulated a preference for a spatial concept, our own curator Stuart Stanley has drawn up a wall plan along the lines of that of our Bankside exhibitions and will be working closely with the Gallery during the hang.